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FF7: Vincent/Cloud, Five Wrongs

Title: The Gold Saucer Episodes #4
Author: solitaryjane
Theme: Five Wrongs
Pairing: Vincent/Cloud
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Tension!

Vincent’s eyes were focused elsewhere, and Cloud knew that his previous apology had gone to waste. Cloud felt lousy; why was he even bothering to try to apologize? It’s not just his fault, they were both to blame for being stubborn in this fight.

He reached a hand out to touch the silent man’s arm, but Vincent turned quickly away. Cloud nearly sighed. What’re we? Nine? Apparently trying to be gentle is the wrong move. He took a step back. Fine, then, take this.

Cloud gave Vincent one more look before turning abruptly and calling over his shoulders:

“Fuck you.”

Tags: cloud strife/vincent valentine, final fantasy 7, five wrongs
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