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Stargate Atlantis--John & Teyla; Rooms

Title: Sea Change
Author/Artist: sjhw_tolerance
Theme: Rooms
Rating: Suitable for all


Teyla rounds the last corner and starts down the long hallway that leads back to the wing where her living quarters are—and where most of the quarters are located for the inhabitants of Atlantis. She breathes in and out steadily, pacing her strides and her breathing so that both gradually slow the closer she gets to her room. Passing by a juncture that leads out to a balcony and the sea, she feels the rush of the cool, salty breeze and catches the glimpse of a familiar figure. She slows even more and after only a brief hesitation, jogs the short distance that brings her to the sea and to John.

The sun has just disappeared below the horizon, the lights of Atlantis gradually winking on to dispel the encroaching darkness. Teyla joins John, where he leans against the railing, staring out at the slowly darkening water. He smiles briefly when she stands beside him, but remains silent, his eyes focused somewhere out in the darkness…out in the sea. Teyla looks out over the water; the waves wash gently against the pilings, a soothing sound that she has become accustomed to after months of living on Atlantis.

“It is very beautiful, is it not?” she murmurs.

“Yeah…but sometimes I miss the mountains.”

“There are mountains on the mainland,” she reminds him.

He glances at her and shrugs, a slight smile touching his lips. “It’s not the same.”

He doesn’t elaborate, instead turning his eyes back to the dark sea and she suddenly understands. He doesn’t miss mountains in general, he misses the mountains on Earth. “Are they very beautiful?” she asks.

“There’s nothing like the Rockies; rugged, jagged granite peaks, reaching to the sky and covered with snow.”

She nods in understanding. As nice as the mainland of Atlantis is, she sometimes longs for the familiar valleys and fields of Athos. But she misses other things as well, her friends and those she considers family. John has never spoken of any family, at least not to her, and she wonders if he misses them—or if they miss him. “Is it just the mountains you miss?” she asks curiously.

With that uncanny instinct of his, he sees through her question and answers the one she didn’t ask. “My family’s here.” His eyes hold hers for a breathless moment before he smiles tenderly and looks back out over the restless sea. “What about you?” he murmurs, throwing the question back at her.

She knows what he means and she can ignore it, if she chooses. But she made a decision, all those months ago, when she stayed on Atlantis. “I miss my people,” she says. He turns to look at her then, his eyes as dark as the water and what she sees in them gives her the courage to continue. “But my family is here.”

Tags: five rooms, john sheppard/teyla emmagan, stargate: atlantis
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