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No. 4 Thursday - Harry Potter: Harry Potter/AU Harry Potters

Title: Thursday’s Child has Far to Go
Author: Evilremmy
Pairing: Harry Potter/AU Harry Potters
Rating: PG-13
Theme: 5 Days of the Week: No. 4 Thursday
Notes: Thursday, so here's thurday's ficcy.

It wasn’t every day that one woke up in their own bed, only to find out that one can’t move. It was bad – but there is always something worse: like being woken up by the words: “He’s waking up, my Lord,” and being bound to one’s bed.

Harry’s eyes flew open, and he yanked hard on the things holding him down: they hissed, so he fell still, looking around frantically.

The dark shadow of a person leant over him all of a sudden. To Harry’s relief, he realized that it was Ron, and he grinned. “I was having a nightmare,” he told him, as though he’d just woken up.

Ron, however, didn’t seem very awake to Harry, for he said “Shut up, imposter!” and backed quickly away from him.

This didn’t seem like a very nice way to wake someone up, so Harry tried to sit up, only to realize that he was still held down. But he wasn’t dreaming any more, was he? “Ron? This isn’t funny! Help me up!”

At which point a hand fell on his jaw, tilting it up. “He looks just like me. Delicious…I never realized how beautiful I might look held down like this. Don’t you think so?”

Ron nodded, eagerly, “Yes, my Lord,” and a wave of ice crashed over Harry, for the boy touching his chin was none other than another version of himself. Himself…a vicious killer like Voldemort! He made a sick sound of revulsion, trying to turn his head away; but this version of himself only held him tighter, leaning close to brush his vile lips over Harry’s own.

“Perhaps we should make a habit of playing with polyjuice potion,” purred the evil version of himself, before he took Harry’s lips again, tainting them; devouring them so that Harry could not fight the force of the kiss.

Bound as he was, there was no defense. And Dark Lord Harry took full advantage of his prisoner through the night, whilst his faithful servant Ron looked on, hunger evident on his pasty features.
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