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SGA: Teyla/Lorne, Five Stages of Physical Intimacy - Mouth/Handjobs

Title: Showers
Author: purple_cube
Theme: Five Stages of Physical Intimacy - Stage 4 (mouth/handjobs)
Rating: NC-17


Their training sessions had become pleasurable and painful in equal measure. They both found enjoyment in the graceful movements of each other's bodies, but often struggled to hide their responses to each other from their audience.

They walked together to the showers, as they always did, and he could see the mischievous glint in her eye as they entered a less frequented area of the city. As they reached the entrance to the female locker room, she glanced around the empty corridor before pulling him through the entrance with her. He smiled down at her, before locking the door behind him.

She watched him undress before pulling her own clothes away and leading him into the cubicle. The steady stream of water cascaded over them as his hands and lips explored her body. His mouth tasted every inch of her before finally settling between her legs. She saw him gaze up at her with an appreciative smile before letting her head fall back against the tiles.

His mouth alternated between licking and sucking as his finger thrust deep into her. As more fingers invaded, she buried her fists in his hair and gyrated against him. She thought that she felt him chuckle, but he made no objection to her forcefulness. He simply increased the pace and intensity of his teasing, holding her hip tightly as she cried out, her legs quivering against him.

He slowly rose to his feet, still clutching her waist as she leant against the wall with her eyes closed. When she finally looked up at him, he was surprised to see a bewitching smile slowly form. His mouth gaped open as he watched her fall to her knees. “Your turn.”
Tags: stargate: atlantis, teyla emmagan/lorne
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