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SGA: Teyla/John/Rodney, Five Stages of Change - Adaptation

Title: Touches
Author: purple_cube
Theme: Five Stages of Change - Stage 4 (adaptation)
Rating: R


Teyla revelled in their touch. Rodney made no attempt to hide the satisfaction he received from brushing against her or standing so close that she feel his pulse. Similarly, John had taken her kiss with Rodney as a licence to express his desire for her, and their training sessions often ended in either one of their beds. She knew that he enjoyed their time together, but suspected that he looked forward to Rodney's inclusion as much as she did. They had both come to the conclusion that Rodney should not be rushed; he would come to them in his own time. Neither could contemplate the possibility that he wouldn't.

She spotted him as soon as John lowered to his knees, licking his lips as he watched them. She caught his eye but didn't say anything, and he remained in the shadows by the entrance to the balcony. John's hands and lips made their way through the slits in her skirt, and she gasped as they came into contact with her skin. He built up a frenzied rhythm with his tongue and fingers, and she lost herself in his touch; so much so that she didn't notice Rodney's presence by her side until his mouth was covering hers. His fingers clutched the back of her head as his tongue teased her mercilessly, using the same rhythm as John's. He swallowed her moans as she trembled against the pair of them, his free hand joining hers in John's hair.
Tags: sheppard/teyla/mckay, stages of change: adaptation, stargate: atlantis
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