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SGA: John/Teyla, Five Colours - Maroon

Title: Maroon
Author: purple_cube
Theme: Five Colours - Stage 4 (maroon)
Rating: PG



He refuses to tell her how he came to have a six-inch scar across his abdomen that narrowly misses his belly button. She knows that it is a recent affliction, presumably received during her prolonged stay on the mainland. She wonders just how close she may have come to losing him. She suspects that she is better off not knowing, if his stubborn silence with regard to the issue is any indication. 

“It's no big deal.” The hint of caution in his voice and the fact that the stitches are encased in dried blood suggest otherwise. Her fingertips press lightly as they trace the maroon line from start to finish, and the lack of response from him satisfy her that the wound is not still painful. She repeats the action, this time replacing her hand with her lips, and is rewarded with an appreciative gasp and the burial of his hand in her hair. She finds the intimacy of the act pleasantly surprising, a rare outlet for the affection that they share for each other in addition to their passion. 

When she raises her head, Teyla sees that his eyes are closed and his lips have curved into a serene smile. He looks at her when he feels her weight shift on the bed, and she covers his body with hers. Brushing the back of her hand against his cheek, she maintains eye contact long enough to convey her thoughts and feelings to him. “I missed you too,” he whispers.

Tags: five colors, john sheppard/teyla emmagan, stargate: atlantis
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