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SGA: John/Teyla, Five Colours - Ruby

Title: Ruby
Author: purple_cube
Theme: Five Colours - Stage 3 (ruby)
Rating: PG


Sorry for lateness...

He doesn't know if it's familiarity or complacency, but John realises that he has forgotten how she looks until he see her in that dress. How beautiful she looks. The silk covers more of her body than her usual training outfit does, and yet he finds himself unable to coax his eyes away from her. The local women complement her on her appearance, while the local men keep their thoughts to themselves. He feels a sense of pride in being the only one here to have seen, touched and tasted the beauty that lays beneath the mass of ruby.

He watches the material swirl around her legs as she turns to identify the positions of her team mates. His eyes make the journey to her face at a leisurely pace, taking in every line and curve along the way. When they reach their destination, he is rewarded with a look that he has never seen before. It is little more than a glint in her eye and a slight arch of her lips, but it is enough. He had thought himself a fool for falling in love with her. Her face tells him that if he is a fool, then so is she.

They retire to her room as the Saennians continue the festivities long into the night. John contemplates requesting more diplomatic missions if they involve celebrations such as this. Judging by the attention that Ronon and Rodney were receiving as they left the party, he doubts that they would object. 

“This is a beautiful dress,” he murmurs as he pushes it over the curves of her shoulders. “You should keep it.” The gentle brush of his lips against her neck elicits a light moan from her and delays her reply.

“I have no reason to wear it.”

“Wear it for me.” He knows that he is asking for too much and too soon, but he can't seem to help himself. She doesn't respond with words, but John can interpret her answer.
Tags: five colors, john sheppard/teyla emmagan, stargate: atlantis
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