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Title: Evolution. Robin Style.
Author: scarab_dynasty
Theme: The Five Stages of Change Stage #3 Transcendence (god, I can’t believe *I* suggested this theme… what was I THINKING?)
Pairing: Timothy Drake/Dick Grayson
Rating: G.
Summary: Bart may think he knows all this psychology stuff, but Donna has the experience as well as the answers.
Author's Note: Many, many, MANY apologies for the lateness and weakness of this chapter. I have a huge art project on the go which will determine the outcome of my entire year and it was more urgently in need of attention.

Evolution. Robin Style.

‘You really think it’s that bad, don’t you?’

‘Trust me, I have the entire psychology section of the San Francisco Library inside my head. I know this stuff. It’s like an obsession complex, people trying to revert to an easier – or otherwise less difficult phase of their past in an attempt to block out the present. I mean, there’s his dad and that girlfriend he had and… and then there’s Dick, and … and Tim doesn’t like it, see? he changed cause of Dick. It’s not a good kind of change.’ Donna hesitated, unconvinced.

Donna tucked her knees under her as she watched Bart rooting about behind the couch. She’s quite certain now that Wally was never so… fidgety. Perhaps its just Bart’s nerves.

‘Well, then, surely then, you have to know all the theories about willpower and illusions?’

‘Uhuh,’ Bart nodded. ‘Like that one where you’re so eager to see someone again after losing them permanently that you keep seeing their face everywhere. On the streets in the crowds… I’ve had that, I know what it’s like but…’

‘But this is different.’

‘Really different.’ Bart blinks rapidly while staring at his feet. ‘I… spent an afternoon in a sewer chasing some creeped out lead about a guy who’s s’posed to have died, like, a year ago… and when we were down there we found…’ he hesitates, bits hit lip a little too hard and Donna feels the sudden urge to reach out and hug him. It’s doubtful he’d stay still for it, though, so she refrains, settling for a nod.

‘I figured it would be something like that,. If you promised Tim you wouldn’t tell me, then of course you don’t have to, Bart.’

‘Maybe I WANT to tell you,’ Bart muttered, ‘maybe… maybe I think you’ll get it/ because you… you loved Dick, too, and you understood him and… and… and I really wanna know, Donna, could he do this kinda thing could he? Could he… you know. Fake it all?’

The loyal, bright teen titan still residing somewhere in Donna’s head cries yes in a loud voice. the more pragmatic older voice of Troia is more sceptical, though no less persistent.

‘Everyone… people change, Bart. I don’t think… at the time he died… I’m not sure any of us knew Dick as well as we used to. he didn’t just… change as we grew older, as ’

‘Do you… do you think Tim…’ Bart pauses. ‘you think… he’s doing a Nightwing?’

‘Maybe…’ Donna shrugged smiling. ‘it doesn’t beggar belief. You changed. So did I. More than changing –we evolved, but we can’t evolve by clinging to the past. Though it’s important that we always remember it…’

‘…I don’t see what this has to do with Dick being alive or not.’

‘Perhaps, Robin just needs answers Bart,’ Donna says gently. He can’t move on… become something new… get past the pain, without those answers. I know that feeling, believe me. Maybe… maybe you’re the one to help him find them.’

Tags: dick grayson/tim drake
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