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The Five Elements Stage #3 Water. Bart Allen/Cassandra Cain

Title: When The Rain Falls.
Author: scarab_dynasty
Theme: The Five Elements Stage #3 Water.
Pairing: Bart Allen/Cassandra Cain (I must be mad…)
Rating: G.
Summary: “Their latest meeting involves Cassandra standing in heels and shirts in an old street, being caught in a jet of water, that seems to have been kicked off the wheels of a passing car. Only it’s not a car. It’s a speedster.”
Author's Note: Why I opted for this pairing (particularly given recent events,) I have no idea, but what the hey, here we are, here we go. hope it’s believable. Takes place during a fictional apocalyptic state (my own making) just after the No Man’s Land arc.
Sorry it’s late, HUGE important art project is driving me nuts.

When The Rain Falls.

Speedsters have faster metabolisms than most, according to the Batcave’s computers. Scars don’t last for long. By the time she sees him again, however soon that may be, she knows there will be no sign of scarring or bruising or damaged tissue.

To the gradually developing detective in Cassandra Cain, this means two things. One – she will be unable to gain anything insightful from the appearance of the injury (unless, of course, he obtains new ones in the same way), and two – whatever had happened to him it must have happened recently. Perhaps not long before she ran into him on the streets of Keystone City.

Also, while her running into a Speedster in keystone, even these days, was not beyond belief, him running into her in Gotham was far more unlikely. The two events together couldn’t really be a… coincidence.

He came here looking. For her.

Their latest meeting involves Cassandra standing in heels and shirts in an old street, being caught in a jet of water, that seems to have been kicked off the wheels of a passing car. Only it’s not a car. It’s a speedster.

Cassandra was not Batgirl this evening.

And high heels are useful for stopping people in their tracks.

Impulse was lucky he had already slowed down before he was brought to a dead stop, straight in a puddle, courtesy of Cass’s foot, the second time he circled the building… or block… or city.

‘I… whoa…’

‘What do you want?’ Cassandra scowls from beneath her dripping fringe, remembering that her persona this evening is described as “sharp tempered” and “arrogant”. It’s not difficult to act. She’s had a bad evening. She hates rain. She hates undercover. She doesn’t want to stand her for the remaining half an hour, but does so out of a sense of duty to a city that barely even wants her anymore.

‘Sorry… Imean,Ididn’tmeanit. I… uh…’ he pauses, tilting his head, staring at her through the rain. Then he reaches out to press her damp hair down against her face.

Cassandra considers the twenty five different moves she could use to break his arm. She flinches, but doesn’t use any of them. She just pulls away, as softly as she ever pulls away from anything.

‘…It’s… okay.’

‘…You had your hair up funny. Not that I usually see it, I mean, you have that cowl thingy…’

Cassandra –no, batgirl, now– blinks. ‘You… how…?’

‘Um… three things. When your hair is all wet and floppy it clings to your head and makes you look just like the girl in Kon’s holiday snaps. Two, you sound like her, and you stumble on the same vowels, and three, you’re… undercover, in Gotham… and Gotham doesn’t have police anymore…’ he pauses. ‘Um, I think that’s about it. Don’t worry though it’s not that obvious it’s just… stuff I pick up on… yeah.’

Cassandra… blinks, again. The air crackles.

‘So…’ Impulse says, wiping water off his lenses. ‘You were in Keystone. You know nobody… nobody’s been to Keystone for months… s’cept me.’

‘And you were in Gotham.’ Cassandra says, calmly. ‘ARE in Gotham.’


‘Batman wouldn’t… like that.’

‘Really? I thought it was okay.’

It’s… different, now. More different.’ Cassandra frowns, trying to think how to word it, but some things (such as the destruction of over fifty percent of the known meta population and forty-five percent of humans located in the western hemisphere) are difficult to explain, no matter how many words you know. ‘Changed the parameters… noone within… five hundred metres. Noone. He’s always watching.’ she smiles a little. ‘Speedsters are difficult to stop.’

‘Oh. Okay…’ Impulse nods. ‘Just thinking, you let me in, didn’t you? You haven’t chucked me out… just wondered.’

His hair is all flattened down and dripping around his ears instead of standing on end. He looks…

What’s the word Oracle used, that time Nightwing climbed through her window after the trip through a car wash… without a car?

Oh, yeah… pathetic. In a… cute way.

‘He says you’re a… bundle of whims. Oracle says you’re like jellybeans. I’ve had jellybeans. I knew what to expect from you. Now… why are you here again?’

Bart shudders, and that gets Cassandra’s attention. Because it’s the same, slightly-urgent shifting of shoulders that Stephanie used to get around Cluemaster.

It means trouble.

‘…Come with me,’ she says.

Impulse doesn’t argue. By the time she’s turned around and taken off the high heeled shoes (to hell with them) she knows he is probably already at the apartment.

And he does know where that is.

She just needs to work out how he knows it.

She needs to work out a lot of things.

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