sister moon (melanie_anne) wrote in stagesoflove,
sister moon

NCIS, Gibbs/Kate, five days

Title: Thursday
Author: melanie_anne
Theme: Five Days – Thursday
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not my characters.

She feels the curious stares of her colleagues and wonders if she should have followed Ducky's advice and taken the day off. It makes sense; she was held at gunpoint by a serial killer who would have added her to his list of victims if there'd been time.

But she doesn't want to appear weak and besides, nothing really happened. She's fine. Gibbs shot the guy before he could shoot her.


She glances at his desk to find him looking at her. Then he nods, smiles so briefly she thinks she imagines it, and says, "You're late."
Tags: five days: thursday, leroy jethro gibbs/caitlin 'kate' todd, ncis
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