sister moon (melanie_anne) wrote in stagesoflove,
sister moon

NCIS, Gibbs/Kate, stages of grief

Title: These Days
Author: melanie_anne
Theme: Five stages of grief – depression
Rating: PG
A/N: Spoilers for "Twilight".

Ari is dead and Gibb's debt is paid: Ari's blood for Kate's.

Gibbs knows he should let her go, knows it's over, but he can't. He still expects to see her at her desk. Sometimes he opens his mouth to call her name before he remembers she's not there.

He drinks more these days, not so much that it affects his work, but just enough to take the edge of the pain. (It still cuts like a knife every time he hears someone mention her.)

He stands in the basement and stares at his boat; he's not so sure he has the energy to finish it, and pours himself another drink.
Tags: leroy jethro gibbs/caitlin 'kate' todd, ncis, stages of grief: depression
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