sister moon (melanie_anne) wrote in stagesoflove,
sister moon

Alias, Jack/Irina, 5 wrongs

Title: Panama
Author: melanie_anne
Theme: Five Wrongs – wrong choice
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not my characters.

She hesitates before climbing into the car with Sark and the two guards. A glance up at the sky – she wonders if Jack is watching her; she can still feel his touch from the previous night. I'm sorry, she thinks.

She wonders if Jack knows she will betray the CIA – not him, not again. She wonders if he'll hate her even more. (She wonders if that's even possible.)

She wonders if he knows she has no other choice.

"Thank you for extracting me," she tells Arvin, and steps into the van.

She hopes one day Jack will understand her reasons.
Tags: alias, five wrongs, jack bristow/irina derevko
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