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Noir--Mireille/Kirika/Chloe; Five Wrongs

Title: Confessions, part 3
Author: Bulmafox
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 497
Author's Notes: I'm so sorry for turning this in late. I live at the mercy of my modem and it's been acting up for the last couple of days.

Confessions--Part 3
by: Bulmafox

They made it to the Manor. It wasn't easy, given the Knights of Paris and Soldat troops slaughtered an entire village to get to them, but Chloe and Kirika made it in one piece.

Altena welcomed them back with open arms. Afterward she left Chloe to reacquaint herself with her love. Chloe led Kirika to her room.

Chloe looked at her and said, "You know,--"

"Chloe, I have a name. It's Kirika."

"But it's not your real name."

"Please, just call me Kirika."

"Okay. *Kirika*. Do you know I fell for you when I saw you on your first mission?"

"You did?"

"Yes. You were the epitome of a true Noir. From then on I decided to be like you; to become a Noir by your side."

Kirika looked down sadly. "To think, someone loves me for my ability to kill."

"Hey..." she hesitated before using her name. "Kirika. That's only part of it. I love everything about you." 'Except your compulsive devotion to *her*', she fumed silently.

"Here, I want to show you something." She pulled out a small utensil from her cloak.


"The fork you gave me, during the tea party. It's my treasure."

"No. Why are you telling me all this?"

"I want to show you. Someone loves you. You don't need Mireille Bouquet anymore."

Kirika lay her head on the windowsill. "But I still...love her. I can't help it."

'I can make you forget about her.' But she said nothing. Instead she lay her head down beside Kirika's.


The next morning, Altena called the girls to the chapel, to start the Noir ritual.

"First," she said, "The child needs to remember."

"Remember what?" Kirika asked.

"Everything. Your gun, please."

Kirika hesitated.

Chloe gave her a 'Trust her, she knows what she's doing' look.

Kirika tentitavely gave her gun to Altena.

Altena aimed for her head. "Now accept... the final guidance," she said, as she shot. Kirika fell to the floor.

Chloe rushed to her side. "Altena--"

"Don't worry. I only nicked her hair. She will remember everything."


*Kirika walked into an expansive room. Before her were a middle-aged blond woman and an older man sitting at a table, and a boy reading a book. It all looked familiar to her. The blonde in particular. Without a word, she lifted her gun and shot them all.*


Kirika arose like a shot.

"Kirika! Did you remember?" Chloe asked hopefully.

Kirika ran out the door.

Chloe ran after her. "Kirika wait! Where are you going?"

"To find Mireille. I need her to kill me."

Chloe tackled her to the ground. "No you don't!"

Kirika flailed against her. "Chloe! Y-you don't... understand. She's been looking for... her family's killer. And it was me! And I can't atone."

"No, you don't understand. It was a trial. It was a trial. It's what we go through. I'm not letting her kill you!"

"But... but I..." Kirika broke down and cried as Chloe held her tightly.

Tags: five wrongs, mireille bouquet/kirika yuumura/chloe, noir
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