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Kyou Kara Maou: Five Loves of Yuuri Shibuya, part IV

Title: Concession
Author: shayheyred
Theme: Five loves, Yuuri Shibuya, Kyou Kara Maou
Rating: PG
Author's notes: This is the part that I guarantee many of you will not like. All I ask is, try to see it in context with the story so far. And then please hang in for the ending, next week.
Apologies -- this clocks in at almost twice the requested length, but there's a lot to tell here, so I hope you don't send me to the doghouse for being wordy. Thanks to all for reading -- please do comment, pro or con.

Previous parts:
I - Conception
II - Obsession
III - Impression

Once upon a time Yuuri Shibuya got sucked through a toilet, became a Demon King and slapped an arrogant pretty-boy named Wolfram, thus becoming engaged to him.

For several years now he's been paying for that particular breach of etiquette. Wolfram is miserable, petty and argumentative; Yuuri keeps him at arm's length without actually denying their situation (which would be impolite). He's endured Wolfram invading his space, his friendships, even his bed (though strictly platonically, Yuuri hastens to assure). He's put up with the assumptions made by Gunther and Cheri-sama (and sometimes Conrad, too, who he thought was on his side) that some day he and Wolfram will actually (gah!) get married.

As if.

But then one day he comes in from playing baseball with Conrad and once again finds Wolfram waiting impatiently for him, muttering, "Cheater!" under his breath. And Yuuri suddenly wonders, Why does Wolfram keep hanging around me like this, when it's so obvious I'm not interested?

What if…

…what if Wolfram really does – sort of, kind of -- love him?

That's a staggering thought.

That night, restless, he turns on his side and watches Wolfram sleep. He concedes that Wolfram really is remarkably pretty. And even if he does have a quick, vile temper, is totally self-involved and calls Yuuri a wimp, there's no denying Wolfram's loyalty to him. Would it be so awful to be loved by Wolfram?

Would loving him back be an impossibility?

Yuuri rolls onto his back. He's already faced his infatuation with Conrad – so how can it be okay to care for one guy, but not another?


…maybe it's time he conceded the point.

The next time Wolfram calls him "cheater," instead of arguing Yuuri smiles at him. Wolfram falters a little, and shuts his mouth.

The next time Wolfram shows up in his ridiculous nightgown, Yuuri smiles and says, "Sleep well, Wolfram," and holds open the covers for him. Wolfram gives him a startled "Goodnight" and rolls on his side.

The next time Conrad pulls out the baseball, Yuuri asks Wolfram to join them. Wolfram won't, but remains in the courtyard to watch. He doesn't yell "Wimp!" even once.

All of which makes Wolfram quieter, and easier to manage, and Yuuri begins to relax. Maybe this engagement business isn't as bad as he'd feared.

And then one night, when Yuuri comes to bed, Wolfram is waiting.

"Good night," Yuuri yawns, pulling back the covers.

Powerful arms snake around him, and he is pulled on top of his fiancé. His very naked fiancé. "Wh—what are you doing?"

"Don't be stupid," Wolfram says, kissing him.

Yuuri manages to pull his face away, though Wolfram's arms are still wrapped tightly about him. "Wolfram! Stop!"


"We can't!"

"Why not?"

"What if someone sees us?"

A snort of disgust. "This is the Maou's bedroom, Yuuri! No one would dare enter."

Oh, dear. No rescue that way. "But...but…we shouldn't!"

"Why? We're engaged!"

"I know! But—"

"But what!?" Clearly annoyed, Wolfram gives him the "glare of doom." Yuuri shivers. Wolfram's glare of doom is terrifying.

But what's worse is the very obvious something poking him between the legs. Yuuri's seventeen – he knows perfectly well what the "something" is, especially because his own "something" is getting interested.

"It's wrong," he says weakly, as much to his body as to Wolfram.

"Wimp." Wolfram smiles; it's even more terrifying than his glare. "You act like you're afraid you'll get pregnant."

Pregnant! Oh no! That means Wolfram is thinking of doing…things, serious things. Things with parts that go into other parts. Yuuri hadn't gotten past the idea of kissing.

All that time he was considering loving Wolfram back, he forgot about this stuff.

Can he do it?

Does he want to?


"Shut up, wimp," Wolfram says, rolling them so he's on top. He starts to kiss Yuuri again.

Yuuri tries hard, very hard, to enjoy kissing Wolfram. And to be sure, Wolfram is a pretty good kisser (not that Yuuri has much to compare him to) and he can't call Yuuri names while they're kissing, and he has nice skin, and Yuuri doesn't hate the way it makes his body feel to have Wolfram rubbing up against it.

So his body's having a great time, but all he can think of is what if someone sees us? and this is wrong, I know it's wrong.

When they break apart, Wolfram's face is flushed, his hair is in his eyes, and his lids are half-closed. He looks messy and sexy. "Yuuri," he purrs in a low, seductive voice.

Yuuri wants to. Yuuri's body certainly wants to.

Yuuri wants to love Wolfram.


"I'm sorry, Wolfram." Yuuri tries to smile. "I guess I really am a wimp, huh?"

Wolfram's smile fades, and the fire in his bright green eyes seems to dim. Without a word, he gets up and leaves.

The next day their engagement is broken. Gunther faints. Greta cries. The three maids chatter and cluck. Gwendal scowls and signs papers. Yuuri goes to the stables and pours out the whole story to Conrad.

Wolfram hides in his room.

The day after that Cheri takes a new lover, the king of Cabalcade comes to visit, Anissina makes Gunther try out an invention and Gwendal scowls and signs papers. Yuuri plays catch with Greta. Wolfram comes down to dinner.

Days become weeks. Life goes on as before in Shin Makoko.

But no matter how hard he tries, or how much time passes, Yuuri can't forget the light going out in Wolfram's eyes.
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