battle plans on sale (iniq) wrote in stagesoflove,
battle plans on sale

Naruto: Genma,5 loves: #4

Title: Loving You Isn't Easy
Fandom: Naruto
Character: Shiranui Genma
Theme: five loves
Rating: PG


He's a man, but it's okay. He's stronger than the others, you think. He can protect himself – he's young and he's a sword master. You cling to him and hope he doesn't notice.
He gets sick and coughs, but he's still stronger than them. The previous ones, the ones you couldn't hold on to. The ones that left and left you empty. You bring him his inhaler and he wraps his arms around you and tells you he's strong and he won't leave you. You believe him.

But he's a ninja, too. You retch until you cry when he dies.

Tags: five loves, naruto, shiranui genma
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