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Danny Messer/Don Flack - First Time (3/5)

Title: Movie Night
Author: krylon_blue
Fandom, Claim: CSI:NY, Don Flack/Danny Messer
stagesoflove Theme: Five Firsts - First Time
Rating: R
Author's Notes: Don't own. Betaed by the lovely wife, powerof3, and twincy, who is equally lovely. PWP.

"Give me a break, Don. You can't be scared of this. It's not real."

Flack just shook his head and shifted closer to Danny, his fingers tickling the back of Danny's neck. The other man was warm, distracting, and something to take his mind off the psychological thriller playing on his, he who didn't even like scary movies, dvd player. He nudged Danny's knee and when he was nudged back in return, took that as his cue to move still closer.

"Think maybe I need to learn more than kissing. You wanna show me something else?" Flack joked quietly, resting his chin on Danny's shoulder.

Danny smirked, "You want an excuse to not watch the movie, that's all."

Don shrugged in reply and was rewarded by Danny's mouth on his. They kissed slowly at first, tentatively because Don's never sure if one of these times Danny will pull back and look at him like he's one of those trace samples he shoves under a microscope every day. But then Danny licked his way into Don's mouth and they were full on kissing, making out on Don's couch. Nothing neat about it as they bit at each other's lips, sucking on tongues, low noises sliding out of one's throat and into the other's.

When they finally pulled back for air, Don's sides felt sore from Danny clutching at them and his own hands were tangled in Danny's hair. He gently shoved through the silky strands before sliding off Danny's glasses and leaning over to set them safely on his coffee table. As he straightened, Danny smiled that slow, slow smirk at him and Don just knew that tonight he'd gotten himself in trouble. He bit down on his lower lip, Danny pushing him back into the cushions and wedging one knee between Don's legs.

Twisting impatiently as Danny licked down his torso, Don managed to separate himself from Danny long enough to duck his head, nipping at the sensitive skin behind Danny's ear and eliciting a soft gasp from the other man. "Bed, Dan," he murmured hotly, his fingers stroking the skin underneath Danny's omnipresent chain.

The two of them made their way back towards Don's small bedroom, kissing and tugging at the remainder of Danny's clothing. This was the first time they'd gone so far, kissing and handjobs and the occasional blowjob aside. Danny wanted Don to fuck him, fuck him hard and he'd said as much while Don took his sweet time undoing Danny's battered belt, sliding it out of each belt loop one by one.

The belt landed on the floor, followed by Danny's pants and BVDs and then the two of them were on the bed. Don was on his back, Danny crawling over him, his lips everywhere. Don may have whispered please, at least he thought he did but he wasn't sure of anything but this. His hips arched up against Danny's when he felt the other man's cock pressing into his hip, and then the two of them were wrestling, shoving at each other until Don ended up on top.

His hands slid over Danny's stomach, mouth kissing there softly. Straddling Danny's lap, he reached over to his nightstand for the condoms he'd been taught to keep near the bed (you'll never know when you'll need them, Donny) and the small bottle of lubricant he'd bought at some out of the way store he wouldn't be recognized at (maybe he'd hoped they'd get this far and had made sure he knew what was going to happen).


Later that night, he'd found himself reaching for Danny. When his grasping hand found only a cool and empty spot, he'd opened his eyes and found the apartment dark, the bed cold, disappointment racing through his system. He padded out to the living room just to make sure there was no sign of Danny before spying a sticky note on the back of the dvd case saying "My place. Tomorrow." He grinned to himself, rubbing a hand through his hair. Yeah. Tomorrow.

For the 1500 word NC-17 version, head here.
Tags: csi: new york, danny messer/don flack, firsts: first time
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