what's it all for, if you're not terrified to fail (krylon_blue) wrote in stagesoflove,
what's it all for, if you're not terrified to fail

CSI:NY - Danny Messer, 7 Deadly Sins - Greed

Title: What He Wants, He Gets.
Author: krylon_blue
Fandom, Claim: CSI:NY, Danny Messer
stagesoflove Theme: Seven Deadly Sins - Greed
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Don't own.

If Danny wanted it, he got it, and that was that. Mostly, anyway. Ever since he was a teenager, with the help of his brother, on the outskirts of Tanglewood, he'd had his choice of women, cars, alcohol, toys, you name it. Drugs were an option, too, but that just wasn't his style. He'd wanted baseball, he'd nearly had it when his wrist had been shattered. He found his way into the NYPD, climbing his way up the ranks. Different date every week, different places, new toys, old connections. He wanted the best of both worlds, and he was taking it.
Tags: csi: new york, danny messer, seven deadly sins: greed
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