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No. 3 Yellow - Harry Potter - Severus Snape/Harry Potter

Title: Sunflower Loving
Author: Evilremmy
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Theme: Five Colours - Yellow
Rating: PG-13
Notes: I haven't been online -at all- for the last four days. I've had sad messages from my friends, who think I've left them forever, and also, haven't been able to write any of my drabbles. They're all going to be late - but I'm doing them -right now-. So you'll see them all in the next couple of hours. I am SO sorry that they're late. I hope it's okay...

The potion they concoct is yellow. Not just any kind of yellow, a sickening, whirlpool of tempestuous, putrid sick-coloured yellow. When Harry adds a drop of his blood, though, it stops spinning, and all of a sudden it glows like the sun; so bright they have to look away at first. When he’s recovered from the shock of seeing daylight for the first time since he was born; Snape steps forwards and steers Harry back from the cauldron.

“Pure love potion, Potter – keyed to your blood. You know what will happen if you touch it.”

Harry smiles and laughs – he’s already breathed in the golden fumes wafting off the potion, and although not as potent as the potion itself, they have brought the love to life within him. He loves this room, and he loves the brightness of the potion as it shines off Severus’ books; he even loves the way that Snape pretends he doesn’t know anything, even though Harry is the one who found this potion. He throws his arms around the man mid-chide, and hugs him adoringly.

“I couldn’t have done this without you, Severus!”

“S…Severus? What’s gotten into you, Potter, to even…” There were lips on his own, stopping him from speaking any more – but just as suddenly, Harry had moved back again, and he was skipping around the room, touching all the books fondly. Only by physically getting in the way could Snape stop him from throwing himself into the potion headfirst.

Harry didn’t mind, he threw his arms around Severus again, instead, and drew his head down for another kiss, only this time it was long, and intimately deep. Snape was too shocked to draw away. Then there were an impossible number of clutching, wriggling fingers, squirming under his robes and through his hair – and Harry was disheveled and open-shirted when he finally drew back, panting, and seemed to realize what he’d done.

Ever brave though, he was the first one to breach the silence.

“I think it’ll d-distract him p-perfectly…d-don’t you?”

It was such a bizarre thing to use as an excuse that Snape had to catch himself before he did anything just as strange: like laugh.
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