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No. 3 Water - Due South - Benton Fraser/Ray (Stanley) Kowalski

Title: Ice Cold Water
Author: Evilremmy
Theme: Five Elements No. 3 Water
Pairing: Benton Fraser/Ray (Stanley) Kowalski
Rating: Gen
Notes: I haven't been online -at all- for the last four days. I've had sad messages from my friends, who think I've left them forever, and also, haven't been able to write any of my drabbles. They're all going to be late - but I'm doing them -right now-. So you'll see them all in the next couple of hours. I am SO sorry that they're late. I hope it's okay...

- - - - -

The water is ice cold. It tastes like the mountains, but it’s still bitterly cold. It swims through him, turning him into ice from the inside out. You have to keep moving around when you drink it – and then it hits your stomach, and it makes you lean forwards, feeling as though you might throw it back up. The other option is to hold the water in your mouth and swish your tongue through it. Fraser teaches him. The movement of the muscle creates heat to alleviate the cold. Ray thinks the water tastes far nicer out of Fraser’s mouth.
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