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No. 3 Charity: Star Wars - Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon Jinn

Title: Kindness of the Master
Author: Evilremmy
Pairing: Obi-Wan Kenobi/Qui-Gon Jinn
Theme: Seven Virtues - No. 3 Charity
Rating: Gen
Notes: I haven't been online -at all- for the last four days. I've had sad messages from my friends, who think I've left them forever, and also, haven't been able to write any of my drabbles. They're all going to be late - but I'm doing them -right now-. So you'll see them all in the next couple of hours. I am SO sorry that they're late. I hope it's okay...

He sees it in everything Qui-Gon does. The Jedi Master, despite being a maverick and rebel, is still everything that the Temple stands for. He is the wholesome, ever patient, ever gentle Jedi. He gives away everything of his personality for everyone he is around.

In the slums of Coruscant, a Jedi’s work is never done. Usually on important peacemaking missions, they rarely have time to come down here, and work amongst the people themselves. On their days off from training, missions or council sessions, Qui-Gon brings Obi-Wan down to the lower levels of the planet, and they go amongst the people, doing what they can to help, and sometimes giving out food.

Qui-Gon stops with a young boy, who’s haunted, drawn features look like a twisted version of Obi-Wan’s own. He kneels down beside him and presses a piece of bread into his trembling hands, then places one of his large hands on the boy’s shoulder. Obi-Wan is touched when the boy suddenly begins to cry, and throws his arms around his Master’s shoulders. He sobs his story into Qui-Gon’s ear, and Qui-Gon listens, embracing the boy.

When they leave, the youngster is smiling between bites of bread, and waves to the departing Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.

Sleeping on strange planets, Obi-Wan can sometimes be troubled by his nightmares. In his dreams he is back on Bandomeer, and he’s woken up in a strange new place, full of the smell of the sea. There are strange people all around him, his Jedi robes are gone, and he’s wearing a heavy collar around his throat. In the background, there is the sound of heavy machinery. That’s all he can sense. There’s no Force. He should be able to feel it all around him, but he can’t.

Sometimes he can spend hours living in that dream. Sometimes it twists into unreality, and a black shadow with a scarred face comes into his nightmare, and suddenly it’s so much worse. He’s lucky if he wakes, with icy sweat pouring off his skin.

Qui-Gon is soothing. He gives Obi-Wan a place in his bed, even though his skin is hot, and he’s soaked both Qui-Gon and the bed in seconds. There is little room for both of them, so Qui-Gon loops his arms around Obi-Wan’s frail shoulders, and when he begins to cry he’s not surprised, so he lets the young Apprentice sob into his shoulder.

Qui-Gon never asks what the nightmares are about. He doesn’t have to. He just gives Obi-Wan his bed, and his time, and his comfort. He’s always so giving. It is why, when Obi-Wan is drifting off, he doesn’t so much as stir when Qui-Gon gives him a gentle kiss on the forehead too.
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