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Stargate Atlantis, John/Teyla, Physical Intimacy: Kissing

TITLE: Collar
AUTHOR: tielan
FANDOM: Stargate Atlantis
PAIRING: John/Teyla
THEME: Physical Intimacy: Kissing


Soft leather moved beneath Teyla's fingertips, soft as the skin of the throat swallowing hard as she tugged John down to her by the collar she'd fastened at his throat.

Perhaps it was a risk, but it was one she must take. The Mazanian night had eyes, watching them as surely as the stars overhead.

She kissed him, fierce and hard, like a brand on his flesh. He would understand when she explained it later; for now, she only needed his response. And, after a stunned, frozen moment, John responded. Lips softened against hers, succumbing to desire like shadows giving way before sunlight, and Teyla forgot this was a pretence.

There might have been hands skimming over her skin, holding her shoulders, cradling her throat - she didn't notice, too caught up in the way he tasted, the teasing flick of his tongue, the sensuous movement of his mouth as he bent to her desire and his own.

On the edges of her vision, torchlight flickered, an echoing memory of the first day they met, of the cave's stillness before the Wraith came and destroyed Athos. In the cleft between her thighs, fire spread, a trembling precursor to pleasure, coaxed into flame by his kisses.

Teyla trembled and drew back. The shadows of his shoulders heaved as he inhaled deeply. "Teyla..."

She turned away, taking his hand, ignoring his plea. "We should go inside."

Outside, fires gleamed reddish-orange in the dark night, and there were shouts and laughter as the Mating Hunt took its course. Inside, the bed seemed too small and John seemed too close, and Teyla dropped his hand as he shut the door and leaned against it. "You're sure Rodney and Ronon will be okay?"

"They agreed to the hunt. The women who catch them will be considerate." She turned to meet the dark of his eyes in the reddish light. "You did not have to participate."

"You didn't have to catch me."

She arched one brow. "You requested it." With that, Teyla had assumed that he wished to participate, but not participate.

John's hand ran through his hair and he tugged at the collar around his throat. "Will you take this thing off?"

Wryly, Teyla wondered what he would say if she removed not only the collar, but his clothing and weapons also, what he would do if she claimed what the Mazanians now considered her conjugal right. As her fingers worked at the complex clasp, she reminded him, "Ronon and I were willing to be hunted and hunt among the Mazanians for this alliance. Neither your involvement, nor Dr. McKay's was necessary."

"Maybe," was all the warning he gave before he bent and kissed her.

Soft leather moved beneath Teyla's fingertips again.

- fin -
Tags: john sheppard/teyla emmagan, physical intimacy: kissing, stargate: atlantis
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