Daegaer (daegaer) wrote in stagesoflove,

Weiss Kreuz: Mamoru/Nagi, Five Stages of Grief - Depression

Title: A Time for Mourning
Author: Daegaer
Theme: Five Stages of Grief - Depression
Fandom: Weiß Kreuz
Pairing: Nagi/Mamoru
Rating: PG


If Rex spoke again, he'd scream. She'd never liked Nagi.

"You're sure all the details have been handled correctly?" He fiddled with his cuff. "I want it to be respectful enough."

"I'm sure it is," Rex said, as if getting Nagi's funeral right was simple. "Please look at these files, Mamoru-sama, a new head of security must be chosen."

"Afterwards," he said, closing his eyes. How could he choose Nagi's replacement so soon after he'd killed him?

"Mamoru-sama. Naoe-san would want --"

"You don't get to speak for him," Mamoru said quietly. "Please, go away."

He wished he could cry.
Tags: mamoru takatori/nagi naoe, stages of grief: depression, weiß kreuz
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