Moonie (m00nbrain) wrote in stagesoflove,

Stargate SG-1: Daniel/Vala, Intimacy: Kissing

Title: Important Enough
Author: m00nbrain
Rating: PG/PG-13
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Pairing: Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran
Theme: Stages of Intimacy: Kissing

It had happened again, it was inevitable and in all honestly he’s surprised he lasted this long.

It was another disastrous mission due to Vala’s reputation and her mouth.

Daniel and the troublesome con artist were trailing far behind Cameron and Teal’c, arguing like an old married couple on the way back to the gate.

“Do you always have to open your mouth at the exact wrong time?” His frustration was running high and a headache was threatening to run rampant if this continued for much longer.

“Excuse me, Mr. Ancient Know-It-All, who never uses his mouth for anything important. It’s always blah Ancient this blah Ancient that blah blah…” She sniped mounting the first step of the stairs leading to the gate.

He wasn’t sure how her lips became affixed to his or if Cameron and Teal’c had walked through the event horizon yet but he was pretty damn sure he’d never kissed like this.

It was hot, rough and the perfect outlet for all the tension that was always so close to the surface.

Electricity was humming through his bones as his hands clung to her shoulders, not wanting it to end so quickly. She responded in kind with her hands grabbing at his jacket, in an attempt to delete the space between them.

This was it, this was the reason he didn’t want to kiss her because he couldn’t see or think straight with her moaning and moving against him. He didn't want to think. It was was delerious and delicious.

He wasn’t sure what set off the alarm in his head finally but he pushed her away with his eyes closed.

He wasn’t about to risk seeing that glazed look in her eyes, if he did he knew they would never get back to the SGC.

“How important was that?” He asked breathlessly before walking through the wormhole.

He’d have a hell of a time getting away from her now but he knew exactly how her mouth could get someone else in trouble.
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