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Saiyuki Gaiden, Konzen/Kenren/Tenpou+Goku, Seven Virtues

Title: Fall
Author: Brigdh
Previous Part: 1 | 2
Theme: Seven Virtues - Justice
Rating: G
Author's Note: 100 words.

Justice: giving to every man his due


Kenren doesn't care about politics, Konzen chooses to be ignorant, and Goku is too young to understand, but Tenpou studies the undercurrents of Heaven's court, occasionally joining the game. He isn't interested in the accumulation of power; simply evaluating the other players and countering anything he finds distasteful.

Li Touten is dangerous. He already controls far too much, but the man isn't satisfied, won't be until he's emperor. Tenpou doesn't like him.

It's not too late to block Touten's influence. Tenpou gets involved, sets out his pieces, plans the downfall of his opponent. He anticipates very nearly every possible development.
Tags: konzen/tenpou/kenren+goku, saiyuki, seven virtues: justice
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