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CSI: Sara/Sofia, intimacy: kissing

Title: Seeing Stars
Author: 4ensicbones
Theme: The 5 Stages of Physical Intimacy: Kissing
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Title taken from the Diet Coke commercial Starry Eyed Surprise by Shifty.

Also, my sincerest apologies for this being 24 minutes late. I have no excuse other than I was enthralled by Bobby Flay spanking a pomegranate. (It's best not to ask.)

I see stars
I'm seeing stars
I'm seeing stars
Oh my starry eyed surprise..

It had started when Sara suggested they re-enact the struggle between Donna and Mrs. Silverman. Sara stood backed against the wall, Sofia in front of her, one hand holding Sara down.

"Donna died from strangulation, so Mrs. Silverman would have been standing closer to Donna. Almost on top of her." Sofia moved closer, into Sara's personal space.

"So, Mrs. Silverman came over, they argued, she hits Donna with the book, then chokes her."


Sara met Sofia's eyes, hyper-aware of how close they were. They slowly leaned closer until their lips barely touched. There were bright explosions and stars and every other cliche associated with kissing Sara could think of as Sofia pulled her closer.
Tags: csi, physical intimacy: kissing, sara sidle/sofia curtis
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