astarvingwriter (astarvingwriter) wrote in stagesoflove,

Naruto: Itachi/Sakura, Colors: Pink

Only a wee bit late. I blame timezones.

Title: That Familiar Shade
Theme: Five Colors: Pink (3/5)
Rating: PG-ish

That Familiar Shade
Just A Starving Writer

Standard Disclaimer Applies

Each time she attempts to escape, her hair is the first thing he sees as he catches up to her. It is a pink flag giving up her position with such ease that he wonders yet again how she is a ninja.

Her hair becomes his way of ensuring she is on her mat when he checks on her during the night, of seeing which of the many moving shapes she is on the courtyard. Even as his eyesight improves under her tentative fingers, he still considers that distinctive pink to be the color of defiance, the color of stability.

Tags: five colors, naruto, uchiha itachi/haruno sakura
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