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◦ a girl like me ◦

A:tS, Lindsey McDonald/Lilah Morgan, Seven Sins

Title: See/Hear/Speak No Evil, Have No Fun (4/7)
Author/Artist: Ragna
Theme: Seven Sins - Lust
Rating: PG-13


He grabbed her, turned them around so he was pressing her into the cabinet. Hands explored, undid shirts and blouses, pulled down zippers, lifted skirts. Fingers felt warm, hot flesh underneath them, felt parts of the anatomy usually kept under clothing.

It was quick, it was dirty, it was hot and it was carnal. She clawed his back, he bit her shoulder. They left marks no one else would be able to see. She almost screamed, just once, but she bit her lip instead, tasted blood. And the release...

The release was amazing. Better than either of them had thought.
Tags: angel the series, lindsey mcdonald/lilah morgan, seven deadly sins: lust
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