shiina_nozomu (shiina_nozumo) wrote in stagesoflove,

Title: Days of Our Lives
Author: shiina_nozumo
Fandom: Instant Star
Pairing: Tommy/Jude
Theme/Prompt: Five Days - Wednesday
Rating: G
Word Count: 112 (... -_-'' ....)
A/N: Not beta'd.

Dear Diary,

The lyrics aren’t going in the trash as quickly now. I’m going to try to sing tomorrow. Dad brought home a chocolate cake today even though there was no special occasion. It was just like the ones that mom made, I didn’t eat it.

Sadie is working part time to pay back the money that she owes. I know that she’s just trying to forget and I’m beginning to wish that he had never come into either of our lives.

Kwest is helping me mix a few of my old songs to release them as bonuses on my next CD.

Talk to you later.

Tags: five days: wednesday, instant star, tommy quincy/jude harrison
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