shiina_nozomu (shiina_nozumo) wrote in stagesoflove,

Naruto - Uzumaki Naruto - Five Wrongs

Fanfiction Title: No Time for This
Chapter Title: Hurts to Regret
Author: shiina_nozumo
Fandom: Naruto
Character: Uzumaki Naruto
Theme/Prompt: Five Wrongs - Wrong Choices Made - Regret
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
A/N: Not beta'd.

Some people say that rules are meant to be broken. Naruto thinks they’re foolish for thinking so (breaking the rules killed both the Yondaime and the Sondaime). The action took his best friend from him, took his sensei’s rival from him. Naruto was never supposed to know about Kyuubi but had he not known then he wouldn’t have become so powerful.

Yes, some rules are meant to be broken. Promises, however, are not.

It was a lifelong promise, one made from desperation and determination. He had failed many times but every time he got back up again.

“Don’t worry Sakura-chan!”
Tags: five colors, naruto, uzumaki naruto
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