Ellie Biel (elsie21) wrote in stagesoflove,
Ellie Biel

Five Wrongs, Gundam Wing: Zechs/Noin

Title: Enough
Author: elsie21
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters/pairing: Lucrezia Noin/Zechs Merquise
Theme: Five Wrongs

Noin wasn't stupid, naïve, or foolish, and she knew where she stood - and didn't stand - when it came to Zechs. No one gave her pitying glances the way they had in the cemetery, but she knew they thought she'd already had one miracle and wasn't likely to get another.

She'd fought side by side with Zechs. They'd lost good men, cursed the choices they'd had to make, and suffered through betrayal. Zechs might not love her, but they'd shared more together than most couples did. If all she could get from him right now was his respect - it was enough.
Tags: five wrongs, gundam wing, zechs merquise/lucrezia noin
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