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Stargate Atlantis, John/Teyla, Physical Intimacy: Hugging

TITLE: Holding
AUTHOR: tielan
SUMMARY: John holds on.
THEME: Five stages of physical intimacy: hugging
PAIRING: John/Teyla


She's cold and limp in his arms, breathing shallowly. Her head presses into the curve of his throat, and her almost-bare breasts press against his bare chest, seeking the warmth his body can give her.

John holds on.

John woke, warm and safe in the Atlantis night, but shivering all the same.

The trip to the infirmary seemed longer and colder for the nightmares, and he only nodded briskly at the SFs and marines keeping watch over the sleeping city.

If he's had fantasies about having Teyla in his arms, they usually involved less clothing and more warmth. And if this is a dream, it's not a nice one. John turns his cheek a little to press against the curve of her hair.

The infirmary was quiet, with only a few people working at this hour. Some of the nursing aides were still researching, some were running tests and checking computations. People kept strange hours in Atlantis - there was always someone awake.

He turned into the infirmary room where Carson had put Teyla and stopped. His heart jolted.

The bed was stripped bare.

The nagging feeling is familiar, a sickening ache in the pit of his stomach - more lives lost, more friends gone, another casualty of a war that John fights. He should be used to it by now. He's not.

An aide, passing by, saw and took pity on him. "Teyla woke up around midnight, and Dr. Beckett let her go back to her own quarters."

Which meant the worst of it was past. Maybe.

John waits for Ronon, Rodney, and the 'jumper to get here. He waits for Teyla to warm up. He waits for his heart to stop pounding, for his fears to stop choking him. And he holds onto her as if she might vanish in a moment. He tries not to think why.

Outside her room, his hand hovered above the panel to open the door, then dropped back to his side in a fist. He didn't have the right to intrude on her sleep just for his peace of mind. But John stood there longer than he should before turning on his heel and walking away faster than usual.

Teyla shivers against him, barely conscious, and he closes his arms more tightly around her, lending her his warmth where she lies against him.

John holds on.

- fin -
Tags: john sheppard/teyla emmagan, physical intimacy: hugging, stargate: atlantis
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