Ele Rgb (ele5) wrote in stagesoflove,
Ele Rgb

Gorgeous Carat: Noir/Florean, Stages of grief: Bargaining

Title: (I said nothing) You say goodbye [3/5]
Author: Ele Rgb (ele5)
Theme: Stages of grief: #3 Bargaining
Rating: G

He contacted everybody he knew, and tried to ask for any information about Florean. If Florean had perhaps told someone, where he would go.

He also walked around Paris and visited the nearest harbours.

He tried to employ someone to track Florean, but they couldn’t really find anything.

In the end he found himself kneeling in front of a small side altar in the basilica of the Sacre Coeur, sobbing and praying to get Florean back.

He would be a good catholic, give money to charity, never doubt the existence of God and even tell Florean that he was irreplaceable.
Tags: gorgeous carat, noir/florean, stages of grief: bargaining
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