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FFIX: Beatrix/Garnet "Dagger" Til Alexandros XVII, five stages of love: passion

Title: China Doll
Author: shanaqui/edenbound (ficjournal)
Theme: Passion
Rating: G

The first time Garnet kisses her, she's a little surprised. Of course, Zidane is seemingly gone, and Garnet is in need of comfort, but Beatrix never thought... But she responds, of course. Her queen needs her, and she can't say she's never thought of it. Of course she has. So many times.

Garnet is a little shy, leaning against her, and Beatrix holds her carefully, like the little china doll that she never had. She could learn to like having this, she thinks, even though she's always been for swords and steel and fighting. A little softness sometimes can be nice.
Tags: beatrix/garnet 'dagger' til alexandros x, final fantasy 9, five stages of love
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