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FFVIII: Seifer Almasy/Squall Leonhart, five rooms: quad

Title: Smile
Author: shanaqui/edenbound
Theme: Porch (changed to "quad" for FFVIII)
Rating: PG

"You've been avoiding me recently."

Seifer looks up to see Squall standing there, Squall, looking damned pretty in his leather and his belts and everything, with his hair a little ruffled and his eyes not quite so guarded as usual. Soft, amused, affectionate, maybe. He relaxes against the bench, trying to be oh so relaxed and knowing he can't ever be relaxed in the way he wants to be when he's with Squall. He meets Squall's eyes with a raised eyebrow. "What makes you think that?"

"You haven't been to the cafeteria in days. Budge up."

Squall still seems amused. Seifer really hates that. There's very little he hates more than being thought funny when there's really no joke. And it's not fair of Squall to accuse him of hiding. He's just been... taking time out to think. And he doesn't want to hear any puns on that subject, thank you very much. He gets enough of those from Raijin, which is kind of ironic.

Except he'd hit anyone who implied Raijin is stupid, so he doesn't follow that thought.

"Haven't been hiding."

"You sound like a kid."

"I was just... thinking."

"Strange. Where did you learn to do that?"

Seifer pokes Squall in the ribs as hard as he can and huffs when all Squall does is squirm a little. Squall really does look damned gorgeous today, and Seifer contemplates just kissing him, right here in the middle of the quad.

Squall surprises him, though. After a moment he settles back and sneaks his arm around Seifer's waist, leaning against him. His body is warm and solid and really nice to have leaning against him, somehow. Tentatively, Seifer puts an arm around Squall in return and gets comfortable.

It makes something in him flutter a little to see Squall smiling, his eyes closed, looking content.
Tags: final fantasy 8, five rooms, seifer almasy/squall leonhart
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