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Gundam Wing, 1x2x3x4x5, five colors

title: Composition #10
author: windsor blue
theme: five colors (Mondrian's palette - blue, red, yellow, white, black)
rating: NC-17, just to be on the safe side
warnings: references to smutty situations, kinks, etc.
fandom: Gundam Wing
pairing: boypile - 1x2x3x4x5
word count: 461
note: The painting they're discussing is "Composition #10" by Piet Mondrian, and can be seen here.

"Ah, the yellow..." Quatre tilted his head and pressed a kiss - nearly chaste - to Duo's cheek. "That would be you."

Duo smiled at the kiss and frowned at the painting. "Shouldn't the yellow be you? I mean, you're 'Golden Boy Winner', not me."

Quatre sideways mock-scowled at Duo, and Duo laughed, and Quatre dug two fingers into Duo's ribs and tickled until Duo squirmed. "I'll 'Golden Boy Winner' you..."

"Right here, in front of God and everybody?" Duo wagged his eyebrows, leering, which made Quatre laugh.

"See, that's what I mean."

"What's what you mean?"

Quatre's hands slipped back around Duo's waist, pulled him back into the position they'd been in - Duo's back to Quatre's front, the painting before them. "Yellow is the color of the sun - warmth, renewal - the dawning of each day, the spring. Yellow is joy and friendship, yellow is a sort of purity - the kind that comes from an appreciation of life itself." He ran a hand - caressing - down Duo's braid. "And, like you said, it can indicate gold or wealth - not just in financial terms, but also in spirit."

In a dubious voice, Duo said, "And that's supposed to be me."

"You can find humor in almost anything - that's an amazing gift, Duo. That's something none of the rest of us have. You're the one who each of us goes to when we're down, whether we realize we're doing it or not. You. Of all of us, you're the one who is most able to find the simple joys of being alive." Duo was strangely still, so Quatre kept going. "Who taught Wufei to suck whipped cream straight out of the bottle?"

Duo snorted. "I did."

"Who taught Heero how to catch lightning bugs without smashing them?"

Duo smiled. "I did."

"Who made Trowa his first peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwich?"

Duo rolled his eyes. "Never going to forgive me for that, are you?"

"Well, no, because I still think it's kind of disgusting, but Trowa likes them. Quite a bit."

Duo nodded, smiled. "That he does." He turned a bit in Quatre's arms. "And what bit of silliness did I teach you?"

Quatre grinned. "How to belch the alphabet."

Duo laughed out loud at that. "My God - it took weeks for you to get the hang of that."

"Yes. Yes it did," Quatre nodded. "But you still managed it, didn't you?"

Duo watched Quatre's face for a long moment - watched him smile his real smile, the one that he saved for the four of them - and then Duo's lip curled up at one side. "Okay, okay - I'm the yellow."

"There, you see?" Quatre replied. "Told you I was always right."

Tags: five colors, gundam wing, pilot boypile: 1x2x3x4x5
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