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Constantine: Angela Dodson + Isabel Dodson, Five Wrongs: Wrong Decision Made

Title: A Lose, Lose Situation
Author/Artist: Ariyana
Theme: Five Wrongs: Wrong Decision Made
Rating: [13+] Some Caution
Word Count: 251
Disclaimer: The Constantine characters are the property of Warner Brothers, DC/Vertigo comics and Village Roadshow Picture.
Author's Note: These pieces will be mostly snapshots over the relationship of Angela and Isabel throughout their lives. Okay Now I'm caught up.

Angela didn't always turn away from her. Isabel could remember a time when something so frightening would appear and they would hug each other protectively. There was a time when the voices that spoke to them made silly jokes. They use to share secrets just the two of them. They had been so closely connected that they even shared dreams and thoughts. Isabel really believed that God had blessed them for a reason, so she was heartbroken when Angie began to pull away from her.

Isabel learned the hard way that to follow God was a lonely road but she was willing to walk it even if it meant separating from her sister. When the other began to prepare her to become his gate, it frightened her. She knew that this would be the greatest test of her life but the stakes were high. If she failed to fight off Mammon's advances all of Earth would suffer the consequences, but if she killed herself than she would be damned. So this was God's plan to put her in a no win situation?

The visions she had of the sick dark man, known as Constantine helping Angela gave Isabel the strength she needed to do what must be done. Angela needed to understand and Isabel knew with perfect clarity that her death would accomplish that. Total damnation was a frightening thought but less so then full blown hell on earth.

"Angie forgive me..." she thought before allowing herself to fall from grace.
Tags: angela dodson + isabel dodson, constantine, five wrongs
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