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Prince of Tennis: Tezuka Kunimitsu/Fuji Syusuke, Stages of Physical Intimacy, Kissing

Title: Parallelism
Author: Reddwarfer
Fandom/Pairing: Prince of Tennis: Tezuka/Fuji
Theme: Stages of Physical Intimacy: Kissing
Rating: R
Word Count: 312
Disclaimer: The owners of PoT own PoT
Waiting Game-Captivation

Kissing. Lips on lips and on neck and on shoulders and on chest and on skin. Kissing wasn't anything like he'd heard. Nothing could have prepared him for the way he could be so easily reduced by one whisper of Tezuka's soft, pliant lips against his.

Fuji moaned quietly, as silently as he could as Tezuka's mouth, his lips raked across the nape of his neck. He could feel any resistance he may have had, although he was sure it had already been crushed by Tezuka long before, leave his body, and a steady hum take its place.

Shuddering as he felt the jacket slowly slide off of his shoulders, Fuji didn't pretend that he wasn't affected. He could hear the rustle of fabric hitting the bench as Tezuka removed Fuji's clothes piece by piece until the only thing separating the two of them was the towel wrapped around Tezuka's waist.

He still had yet to turn around, to face the one who rendered him so utterly useless. Part of him was dying to, needing to look into Tezuka's eyes, hold him down with his own, and kiss him until he was sure he wasn't dreaming; the other part screamed at him to run away before he lost every last bit of himself to his Captain, and ended up on his knees before his Master.

He did neither, because he knew Tezuka coming to him spoke louder than any words ever could, and he also knew that his Captain, his Master, already had every bit of him that he could.

Arms on him moved him, shifting until his back was against the locker, and he was forced to look up, and at him. Completely vulnerable and emboldened, Fuji slowly reached up, kissing his Captain as softly, as deeply as he could, and was thrilled when he felt Tezuka kiss back the same way.
Tags: kunimitsu tezuka/shuusuke fuji, physical intimacy: kissing, prince of tennis
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