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Constantine: Angela Dodson + Isabel Dodson, Five Wrongs: Wrong Thing Said

Title: Why Can't You Be Normal?
Author/Artist: Ariyana
Theme: Five Wrongs: Wrong Thing Said
Rating: [13+] Some Caution
Word Count: 263
Disclaimer: The Constantine characters are the property of Warner Brothers, DC/Vertigo comics and Village Roadshow Picture.
Author's Note: These pieces will be mostly snapshots over the relationship of Angela and Isabel throughout their lives. Yeah I know I'm still behind but I'm catching up slowly but surely. ^^;

Isabel couldn't understand why her parents wouldn't recognize that she had been given a gift. Angie chose to deny her gift but Isabel could only embrace hers. How can one deny any gift given by God?

"God wouldn't let us see these things if we weren't destined for something special. Don't you see He wants us to do his will!" Isabel exclaimed, grasping her sister's hands in desperation.

"Izzy, you're not making any sense. Why do you have to make things so hard? Why can't you just be...normal?" Angela asked angrily, pulling her hands away.

"And what's normal? Lying and pretending you don't see? Denying the gift that God has given you makes you normal?" Isabel said with great disgust. "Angie I don't even know you anymore. How can you turn your back on me? How can you turn your back on God?" Isabel asked the indignation rising in her voice.

"Oh stop the dramatics! You're just trying to get attention! You've always been a drama queen. I don't see anything! I'm not crazy! Why do you want to make people think you're crazy? Why?" Angela demanded.

"I won't lie to fit in. Jesus didn't lie, why should I?" Isabel asked rhetorically before turning her back on her sister. "He died on the cross for our sins, the least I can do is embrace what I have been given," she added before walking away.

"Way to play the Martyr, Izzy," Angela said resentfully, walking off in the opposite direction.

Isabel didn't bother to respond; she only prayed...prayed that one day Angela would understand.
Tags: angela dodson + isabel dodson, constantine, five wrongs
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