Ele Rgb (ele5) wrote in stagesoflove,
Ele Rgb

Prince of Tennis: Tezuka/Fuji, Stages of Change: Transcendence

Title: Unsterblich [3/5]
Author: Ele Rgb (ele5)
Theme: Transcendence
Rating: G

He could feel Tezuka’s eyes on his back. It was difficult to resist turning around and smiling in a way that would reassure Tezuka that everything was fine. Everything wasn’t.

He knew that Tezuka regretted snagging the arm away, but it had been Tezuka’s decision, and as much as it hurt, he wouldn’t make the next step. He wanted to have his pride, and his pride absolutely forbade him from crawling in front of Tezuka or trying to seduce him twice.

Tezuka could come to him, and Tezuka could crawl, and he would forgive, and then everything would be fine.
Tags: kunimitsu tezuka/shuusuke fuji, prince of tennis, stages of change: transcendence
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