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Gundam Seed/Destiny: Kira/Cagalli, 7 - firsts: first kiss

Title: Kiss
Author/Artist: angrycherokee
Theme: 3 – First Kiss
Rating: G
Author's Note: Direct continuation from number 2

We kissed on the deck of the Archangel while traveling through Red Sea. I didn't want to tell you at the time that I had wanted to kiss you for a short while, so I guess I'll tell you now. You leaned over and just... kissed me lightly. It was simple, but somehow spoke more than a sweeping, movie-like one. I liked that.
We never talked about it ever again, and, if I remember correctly (but how could I forget?) that we started talking about the porpoises chasing our ship. That part I liked, too, because it felt like we were something so important that it was supposed to be a secret. You had something with Fllay, and I didn't want to make you unhappy if I spoke of our kiss. So a secret it stayed.
I now wish though, Kira, that we had kissed more than once before it became impossible to do so in public.
Tags: five firsts: first kiss, gundam seed/destiny, kira yamato/cagalli yula athha
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