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SGA: Carson Beckett/Laura Cadman, Five Rooms - Balcony

Title: Spatial Perception
Author: spazzula
Theme: Five Rooms - Balcony
Pairing: Carson Beckett/Laura Cadman
Rating: PG
Summary: He could smell the ocean and feel the wind on his face, and it reminded him of home…
A/N: Set post-‘Allies’ – thus, major spoilers for the season 2 finale!

Spatial Perception : Balcony


It’s amazing how much nervous activity there is around the city in times of crisis. Everyone seems determined to keep busy, to avoid thinking about the latest Catastrophe Of The Week. And considering less than forty-eight hours ago we had a Wraith contingent inside the city, feeding us misinformation and hacking our systems, there was suddenly an awful lot of nervous activity.

Except in the infirmary, that is. I’d already checked, and Carson was nowhere to be found. Nor was he in his quarters, and I’d even checked Dr. Weir’s office, just in case he’d been called in again about the retrovirus dispersal schematics. No such luck.

Instead, I found him out on one of the balconies, in the North Tower, staring out at the ocean – or possibly the night sky, it was hard to tell in the darkness. He’d mentioned once that he sometimes came up here to think. He could smell the ocean and feel the wind on his face, and it reminded him of home. Given the hysteria down in the city proper, Carson probably wasn’t out here just to sniff at the sea.

The news from the Daedalus hadn’t been good; serious damage sustained during an altercation with both hive ships, target and friendly – so much for that so-called ‘alliance’. Rodney and Ronon never activated their transceivers, so for all we knew, they were still on the hive ship when it fled through hyperspace. Worse, Colonel Sheppard’s X302 had just – vanished.

And given the information Zelenka had determined the Wraith leeched from our systems? There was a good chance the Wraith were headed straight back to Earth.

Carson knew Sheppard better than I did. Ronon, too – he’d had to dig something out of Ronon on at least two occasions. And despite my own bizarre history with Rodney, Carson knew him better, too. The fact that all three of them were now missing essentially because of his retrovirus couldn’t be sitting well with him right now.

Not to mention the fact that if the Wraith were heading for Earth, there wasn’t really all that much we could do about it, except alert the SGC and pray for the best. Everyone we’d left behind on Earth, relegated to Wraith food just because we’d been outmaneuvered.

It wasn’t sitting well with me, either, come to think about it.

Carson always did shoulder more than his share of the blame, though. Otherwise he wouldn’t be out here on this balcony, removed from human contact, staring at the sky. Somewhere among those stars, there were two Wraith hive ships heading for the Milky Way, and very possibly three Atlantis team members sitting in stasis cocoons for a mid-trip snack.

What am I supposed to say to him, anyway? ‘It’s not your fault, Carson?’ ‘I’m sure they’ll be fine, Carson?’ ‘Give them a week and McKay’ll drive them so nuts they’ll bring him back to get him out of their hair, Carson?’

So I didn’t say anything. I just walked up beside him, looped one arm around his waist, and rested my chin on his shoulder – and stared out at the night sky with him, trying to see what he saw.
Tags: carson beckett/laura cadman, five rooms, stargate: atlantis
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