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FFIV/FFX-2; Edward "Edge" Geraldine/Gippal, five firsts: first kiss

Title: Silence
Author: shanaqui/edenbound (ficjournal)
Theme: First kiss
Rating: PG

Edge is talking a little too much.

Not that Gippal doesn't talk too much sometimes, but that's totally not the point. The point is that Edge is talking too damn much for Gippal's aching head, and Gippal wants to kiss him, and it occurs to him that doing -- or trying to do -- the latter might stop the former from being a problem. Maybe. Hopefully. Perhaps.

It might also prove the end of their friendship, but Gippal pushes that thought away faster than he can think it.

It's quite hard to pick the right time, though -- he's been trying to find the right moment for the last ten minutes. Part of it is nerves, the need not to be pushed away, and part of it is an odd need to do it right.

Finally, he remembers something Rikku said. If you keep waiting around for the right time, it'll never come...

So he makes his own right time. Edge is looking at him, talking about something still, though by now Gippal hasn't the foggiest idea what he's talking about. Gippal shifts a little closer, biting his lip slightly and almost holding his breath. Then he tells himself he's being silly and he has to breathe or he'll suffocate before he gets round to doing what he's so nervous about.



Gippal takes a deep breath. Closes his eyes. Smiles a little. And then kisses Edge, just softly, drawing back quickly.

Miracle of miracles, Edge is silent. Then he smiles.

And Gippal finds himself being thoroughly kissed.
Tags: crossovers: ffiv/ffx-2, edward 'edge' geraldine/gippal, five firsts: first kiss
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