Emi-san (emiriya) wrote in stagesoflove,

Tennis no Oujisama: Ohtori Choutarou/Shishido Ryou, Five Stages of Love: Passion

Title: Next Gate
Fandom: Tennis no Oujisama
Author: Emi-san
Pairing: Ohtori Choutarou/Shishido Ryou
Theme: The Five Stages of Love - Passion
Word Count: 498
Rating: PG-13 for kissing.
Author's Note: Unbetaed.

Shishido couldn’t remember the last time he had any problems with his loyal and passionate kouhai. With time, their relationship just seemed to grow more and more perfect, but at the same time there was always a tension between them. Something longing to break out. And maybe that’s what finally happened.

“Listen… Choutarou, you didn’t have to get so mad-”

“Of course I did!” The younger boy’s eyes were blazing as never before. “How could you expect me to just stand there and look when he was doing those things to you?!”

Shishido turned away, grinning awkwardly. “Oshitari fools around with everyone, you know he’s never serious when he does.” Heck, if he was, I’d have punched him myself. ”And he wasn’t this time either, so there was no need for you to go that far.”

“But…” Choutarou’s gaze was pleading, but still fixed at the shorter boy. “I had to do something. It can’t be okay for him to touch you like that!”

Why not? Since when do you almost break down and cry as soon as you even see me with anyone else, Choutarou? I don’t understand you anymore... But I understand myself even less.

“I told you it was nothing.” He gritted his teeth together. “What the hell are you suspecting… Between two guys and everything too.”

That finally seemed to shut Choutarou up. But tears were really rolling down his cheeks now, and Shishido felt like his heart was going to crumble when he looked at those wide-open, dependant eyes.

A reliable senpai would have walked forward and patted the taller boy on the shoulder, offering some words of comfort, and maybe tell him that they were still always going to be friends, but Shishido was no longer reliable. Shaking, he just shouted blindly: “And so what if I were, eh? What would you do about it? Hate me? I can mess around with whoever I like, and you can’t say anything about tha-”

“Don’t say that. Please Shishido-san, don’t say that…” The last part almost came out as a whisper.

Even though it wasn’t fair of him, Shishido wanted to push Choutarou, see how far his dedication could get him. And suddenly something did go off, since the younger boy’s expression changed completely in a split second.

“I’m sorry, but I will have to keep them away from you, Shishido-san. I don’t want… anyone to touch you. I wouldn’t be able to take it.”

Now Shishido was wide-eyed. He had imagined this, but he never thought Choutarou would make the first move.

Shishido had also never imagined that his first kiss would be with a guy, or what that would be like. But when the bright-haired boy leaned over him and kissed him intensely, tasting vanilla and making their lips melt together, over and over, he realized that this was better than anything he had ever experienced. He should have done more than just imagining.

He should have fallen for his passions sooner.
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