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Saiyuki, Homura/Konzen, Five Stages of Physical Intimacy

Title: Untitled
Author/Artist: Sudachi
Theme: Kissing
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Some cursing and, of course, kissing.

Konzen sighed, glancing up from his work at the soft knock. He could easily guess the identity of his visitor, but that knowledge did little to calm the man's nerves as he opened the door.

Homura smiled lightly, brushing past Konzen to enter the room. He ignored the blonde's scowl as he claimed the man's chair rather than the one reserved for potential guests. Konzen narrowed his eyes, barely able to keep a growl out of his voice as he glared down at Homura. "Get up."

The war god only smirked, reaching out to grip Konzen's wrist in a bruising hold. "Come sit with me."

Konzen shook his head, struggling even as was pulled down onto the other man's lap. He cursed softly, feeling trapped as Homura wrapped one arm around his waist. The hold was tightened as he tried to escape, which only fueled the man's fervent resistance. "Asshole. Let me go."

Homura didn't answer, which seemed to anger his victim all the more. He pulled Konzen toward him, enjoying the warmth of the man's back against his chest even as the blond fought against him. He had easily pinned Konzen's free arm against his side in the forced embrace, and now used his grip on the man's wrist to subdue the other.

"Fuck you." Konzen's voice came out more strained that he would have liked, only adding to the man's frustrations. "I never said you could do this."

Homura shrugged, ducking his head to whisper softly into his captive's ear. "You never said I couldn't."

Konzen opened his mouth, determined to do just that, but the protest died in his throat as he felt the unmistakable caress of soft lips against his neck. He froze, channeling all of his energy into not enjoying this new sensation. Still, he couldn't prevent the soft gasp that escaped him as Homura bit into his tender flesh.

Part of Konzen's mind screamed at him to stop the man, to put an end to this once and for all, but he felt helpless to do so. Instead, the man tilted his head, closed his eyes, and vowed once again that this would be the last of these afternoon visits.

Part 1: Patting
Part 2: Hugging
Tags: konzen douji/homura taishi, physical intimacy: kissing, saiyuki
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