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SGA: Teyla/Lorne, Five Stages of Physical Intimacy - Kissing

Title: Attention Seeking
Author: purple_cube
Theme: Five Stages of Physical Intimacy - Stage 3 (kissing)
Rating: PG

Attention Seeking

She hid a smile as his eyes sought her out, silently pleading for her help. Clearing her throat, she politely excused herself from her companions and made her way across the room. As if sensing that they had company, the woman moved fractionally closer to Lorne. By the time that Teyla reached his side, his forearm was being held in a vice-like grip as suspicious eyes stalked her.

Teyla couldn't help but smirk at the obvious discomfort displayed by Marc's entire body, from his creased brow to his rigid stance. “Nehra, this is Teyla Emmagen, a member of Colonel Sheppard's team and leader of the Athosian people.” Nehra smiled and nodded politely in greeting, but couldn't hide her obvious displeasure at the interruption. Teyla decided to intervene when she saw the woman's other arm reach up to increase the grip she had on the Major.

“Marc, before I forget, would you bring some wine for our meal tonight?” Her hand rested lightly on his chest as she smiled sweetly at him. “Um...sure.” His look of confusion turned to one of relief as his arm was released by a clearly disappointed Nehra. As they were recalled to the rest of the group to say their goodbyes, Teyla couldn't help but brush the palm of her hand across his backside as he walked past, a gesture that only Nehra would have seen. He faltered, and she thought that she heard him snort before continuing on his way.

They hung back from their colleagues as they headed towards the infirmary following a debriefing with Dr. Weir. He waited until they were out of earshot before lightly seizing her arm and leading her into an empty corridor. “So, what the hell was that about?”

“You indicated that were in need of assistance, which I provided. Or did I misread the situation – perhaps you were enjoying the attention that Nehra was giving?” 

“You know I wasn't.” 

His hand glided up her arm and across her shoulder, resting lightly on the back of her neck and leaving a trail of heat that made her pulse quicken. “There's only one woman that I want attention from.” 

She began to move away, conscious of their surroundings, but his head dipped quickly and captured her lips. He felt a sense of satisfaction as he pulled away, her eyes closed and her head still leaning towards him. He couldn't resist mimicking her earlier gesture and sweeping his hand across her rear as he continued on his way to the infirmary.
Tags: physical intimacy: kissing, stargate: atlantis, teyla emmagan/lorne
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