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SGA: Teyla/John/Rodney, Five Stages of Change - Transcendence

Ttle: Realisation
Author: purple_cube
Theme: Five Stages of Change - Stage 3 (transcendence)
Rating: PG


The prompt for this stage is 'transcendence' – I'm not really sure what that means in this context, but hopefully when all five fics are done this one will make sense.

Rodney hadn't realised that he had made his decision until he caught his hand in her hair, pulling out a stray leaf. It was in that moment that he saw the look. Possessive and hungry; that was how Ronon had put it. When he saw it with his own eyes, he understood all.

His fingers trailed from her hair to her cheek, where his thumb ran across her lips. Her eyes searched his face, looking for a sign of disapproval as she moved closer. Her hands crept slowly up his chest, and he gasped as her flesh made contact with his. Her fingers locked against his spine as his head lowered towards hers.

The kiss was everything he had expected and more. He was lost in the touch, taste and smell of her, and it seemed like a lifetime before he finally pulled away to catch his breath. When he did, his vision slowly focussed on a figure standing in the distance behind Teyla's shoulder. The name fell from his lips before he could bite it back. “John.”
Tags: sheppard/teyla/mckay, stages of change: transcendence, stargate: atlantis
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