Isobel (allora) wrote in stagesoflove,

Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife, Five Loves of Life

Title: Zack
Author: verlandi
Theme: Five Loves of Life
Rating: G

Death was before our eyes.

My hands trembled too heavily to even wipe my own tears. He closed the dead soldier's eyes with a swift prayer; two swords

on his shoulders as he stood up.

I tried to put my anger and confusion in words, but they twisted themselves into a tight knot at my throat.

"Are you gonna ask me why I hadn't quit after seeing this repeat itself?"

He had me on my feet with a forceful tug.

"I'm here because I owe it to them to live their share."

His eyes bore the hint of a plea.

Tags: cloud strife, final fantasy 7, five loves
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