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SGA/SG-1: Teyla/Cameron, Five Firsts - First Kiss

Title: The Farewell
Author: purple_cube
Theme: Five Firsts - Stage 3 (first kiss)
Rating: PG

The Farewell

He hadn't planned on kissing her. He had simply intended to give her the gift, wish her well and express his hope that their paths would some day cross again. He had the entire speech memorised, but hadn't counted on the rational part of his mind disintegrating the moment he saw her.

“Er...I just wanted to wish you a safe trip, and well, hope that we meet again some day...oh yeah, got you a present too.” He held out his hand, revealing the thin package on his palm. She hesitantly reached for it, examining it carefully before ripping the paper away. It occurred to Cameron that he hadn't seen such a genuine smile for a long time.

“A few months ago, we made contact with a culture called the Sodan. They're...well, they're not around any more, but I had a lot of friends among them, and one gave me some of these. I thought you might like one. Sheppard mentioned that you were enjoyed different forms of combat. He also mentioned that you regularly kick his ass in training, so I figured you could put it to good use on him.”

He watched intently as she twirled the small knife around, examining it's intricate detail with an almost child-like wonder. “It's beautiful,” she whispered. She placed it carefully on the table behind her before approaching him. He held his breath, and waited for her hands to reach for his shoulders, having seen the action performed when Sam had said her goodbyes to the Atlanteans.

He couldn't stop himself from inhaling deeply as her forehead rested against his, breathing her in. Her eyes shot open as she tried to read his expression, and he could feel her hands slowly slip from his shoulders. His head dipped swiftly as he crushed his lips against hers in an impulsive kiss. He leapt back just as quickly when she failed to respond, rational thought making a sudden and unwelcome return to his brain.

As he moved to leave, he saw her arm move out of the corner of his eye before feeling her hand wrap tightly around his forearm. Her other hand caressed his cheek slowly before pulling his head down towards hers once more.
Tags: five firsts: first kiss, stargate: sg-1/atlantis, teyla emmagan/cameron mitchell
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