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Fic: Tuesday Afternoon by HYPERFocused, Sports Night, Dan/Casey Rated R

Title: Tuesday Afternoon
Author: HYPERFocused
Theme: Days of the Working Week: Tuesday
Fandom: Sports Night
Pairing: Dan/Casey
Rating: R
Word Count :500
A/N: Sequel to I Don't Like Mondays

Tuesday afternoon, when he goes in to work, Dan feels
exposed, raw. It's like everyone knows. He can almost envision the sign above his head, the words "Casey and I had sex" glowing neon bright and accusatory.

But nobody does say anything, and the day passes as slowly as a soccer game with no goals scored, and teams no one knows.

There's a part of him that wants to spill it all, this secret they've kept hidden for as long as he can remember. It began years before Casey got up the drunken nerve to touch Dan in the middle of the night, a move both cowardly -- he's given them both plausible deniability-- and brave :he's got to know Dan won't take it.

Dan is just sick and tired of it, finally. Tired of pretending he just wants to be Casey's friend. Sick of supporting Casey through all of his botched dating experiments, when all he really wants to do is tell Casey to forgot those women. They don't deserve him. Dan will always belong to Casey, even if Casey never claims him.

Casey hasn't said anything, but Dan can tell he's feeling as weird about what happened as Dan is. Not that he's going to bring it up either. What could he say? "So, was that just a drunk thing?' "Why can't you admit you want me when you're sober, too?" Or the thing he wonders most," What the fuck is wrong with you-- with me?"

But the script flows like it always does, their perfect patter bounding and rebounding, but meaning nothing real. There are no dropped balls here, except for the cannonball Dan can feel pressing in on his chest, making breathing more of an effort than he'd really like to take.

As the day goes on, Casey turns on his flirtatious act, trying to charm Nalalie, Dana, and Kim, and any random woman who happens by,

"What's with the player act?" Dana asks

"Did you pick up a working girl at Anthony's, and now you're having buyer's remorse? " Kim adds.

"You know, there a difference between a 'working girl' and a girl who works," Natalie pipes up.

Despite Casey's (rather flimsy) protests to the contrary -- it was better they thought the wrong thing than the right one -- they persist.

"Seriously, Dan. How could you let him get into to trouble like that. You guys always have each other's backs."

"If you must know, Dan spent the night on my couch, sleeping off pain meds from an emergency root canal."

"It wasn't exactly titillating." Casey says.

"Not that you'd remember." Dan said. Or admit, he didn't. With that, Dan had had enough. He buckled back down to work, all but ignoring Casey until they have an opportunity to hash this out.

It's going to happen soon, Dan vows. They've both had too much experience at holding back.

"I wasn't asleep, Casey," he says, as they head into wardrobe. Casey doesn't look at him. "And I don't regret it."

"Neither do I," Casey answers, almost too soft to hear.
Tags: dan rydell/casey mccall, five days: tuesday, sports night
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