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Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza Hawkeye, Five Loves

title: Fraternization
author: windsor blue
theme: five loves
rating: PG, this part
fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
character: Riza Hawkeye
word count: 402

Most of them were singing now, too drunk to care about how silly they sounded. Riza thought about going home, but then Havoc brought her another beer, gave her a drunken arm-around-the-shoulder type of hug, and offered up a toast to her pretty face and her ass-kicking score on the firearms test. The toast was met all around the table, glasses raised all around her - Lt. Colonel Hughes winked at her as he lifted his, and Colonel Mustang gave her that funny little smile she'd been noticing him smiling for the last couple of weeks. So instead of going, she smiled, said thanks, and took a drink.

The singing began again, then dissolved into a half-argument about how the lyrics went, which turned into a contest of sorts to see who could come up with the most vulgar reinterpretation of said lyrics. Riza thought about going home, but then Lt. Colonel Hughes slid a fresh beer across the table to her, and when she thanked him, said "Hey, we're not at work - call me Maes instead of 'Sir'." So she did, and when he started showing her the same pictures of his daughter that they'd all seen a dozen times before, she realized that she hadn't heard him tell any of the others to call him by his first name. She was starting to smile over that when Major Armstrong all but picked her up by the waist and insisted that she dance with him.

Dancing with Armstrong turned into dancing with half the squadron, with the new guy - Fuery - nervously placing his hands on her shoulders as if he'd never touched a girl before. She'd had to lead, that time. When she finally got back to the table and sat down, Riza thought about going home, but then Colonel Mustang slid into the chair next to hers, placed yet another fresh beer on the table in front of her and draped his arm over the back of her chair. It might have seemed a lot more suave if he hadn't been so drunk. "Not thinking of leaving yet, are you, lieutenant? Because I'm a colonel, y'know - I can order you to stay here and have another beer with me."

Riza laughed and smiled. "No, sir, I wasn't thinking of leaving yet. Not at all."

Tags: five loves, fullmetal alchemist, riza hawkeye
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